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Jon Trementozzi


Jon co-founded Landwise in 2015 to help clients maximize the quality, utility, and value of their land assets through expertise in planning and land use economics. The firm frequently partners with planning, design, and engineering firms to form interdisciplinary teams able to navigate the complexities of the built environment.

Prior to Landwise, Jon served as Sasaki Associates’ Director of Land Use Economics. In that role Jon worked to define the economic parameters for master planning efforts to ensure that the resulting plans were informed by market realities. Jon’s comprehensive understanding of market and financial dynamics provided the foundation for the successful implementation of high-profile master plans and development projects.

Jon also worked for Robert Charles Lesser and Company (RCLCO), a nationally recognized real estate advisory firm, where he was a Vice President. Jon led project teams on over seventy engagements for a diverse set of clients ranging from real estate investment trusts, and developers, to municipalities, universities, and families.

Jon received his Master of City and Regional Planning from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a specialization in land development. He also holds a Bachelor of Art from Williams College. Jon is an active member of ULI having served in several leadership roles and participated in advisory services panels.