About Landwise

Landwise is an advisory firm helping owners and institutions to maximize the quality, utility, and value of their land assets through expertise in planning and land use economics.

Our team shares an appreciation for the land planning process and a passion for the built environment. We are client-centric and work hard to foster a collaborative environment where we engage the land owners to set the strategic framework for the project.

We are an accessible and nimble team with a creative bent and a relentless focus on producing high quality results.

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Meet the Team

Our team is small yet diverse with skills sets spanning varied disciplines including planning, real estate development, economics and architecture. We leverage the latest technologies and techniques but equally value the traditional tools of the trade including extensive field work, face to face meetings, analog formats, and a client -first philosophy.

Our Approach

We believe that each land asset has intrinsic value that can be unlocked with careful cultivation. We place extensive focus on understanding the nuances of the property and custom-tailor the approach for each engagement. We are guided by the goal of maximizing value for our clients, and identify creative solutions to seemingly stagnant situations.

We listen to our clients, collectively develop a strategy, and create a collaborative environment whereby the client becomes a member of our team and engages in iterative working sessions. We are comfortable guiding clients who have difficulty making decisions or reaching consensus.

We treat each property like it is our own. This means we bring an owner’s mindset to the engagement constantly asking whether the preferred strategy is site appropriate, market supportable, and financially feasible. Through realistic and achievable plans, we reduce risk and maximize value.

Our Services

Market Analysis

Landwise has deep experience assisting clients in quantifying and qualifying the depth of demand for planned land uses on development sites. We utilize a combination of primary and secondary research, as well as statistical and judgmental methodologies to place the subject site in context with the competitive landscape. Our analysis happens at multiples scales and consumer preferences, regulatory environments and site constraints.

Development Advisory

Direct and manage all aspects of the planning and entitlement process for client land assets. Key activities include develop strategy, management of project timeline and budget, directing subconsultants on key due diligence areas (engineering, environmental, legal, etc), and leading the entitlement effort. Landwise works as a “one-stop” shop allowing clients to minimize time/expense and maximize value.

Strategic Planning

Landwise frequently assists institutions and large land owners set a strategic course for large land holdings and property portfolios. For this work Landwise leverages “big data” sets, geospatial tools, and decision-making tools to guide clients through the process. Our work seeks to distill complex considerations into a series of easily digestible steps that drive value and build consensus along the way.

Economic Analysis

Landwise provides a broad array of economic services including economic impact, fiscal impact, and land valuation. Our analysis is customized for each engagement, helping clients understand the potential economic ramifications or pursuing one land use strategy over another. Our work has been utilized by a large number of institutions, developers, and governments as a decision-making tool in key investment decisions.

Financial Feasibility

Landwise helps clients bring planned projects one step closer to reality through measured financial analysis. Whether it’s a “back-of the-envelop” calculation or a detailed cash-flow model, our through understanding of project economics infuses financial rigor to the earliest stages of the planning process and helps focus the effort on scenarios most likely to achieve market success.

Client Types

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