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Brooks Development Authority


Market Analysis



The Brooks property is a 1,300-acre redevelopment of the former Brooks Air Force Base located on the south side of San Antonio, Texas. To date, the property is home to approximately 5 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, residential, and hotel uses. The Brooks Redevelopment Authority engaged Landwise to perform a market analysis and determine a market supportable development program to guide master planning decisions over the next several years. A market demand study analyzing different land uses will help position Brooks in the larger San Antonio market and provide insight into pricing, positioning and potential absorption rates. The Brooks Development Authority is also interested in diversifying product types, especially for residential uses, some of which, are untested in the market.

Some of the specific market analysis tasks included:

  • Developed a programmatic model for a market supportable mixed-use community for Brooks which included market rate uses such as town center retail, office, and residential. The model used current inventory and future supply data to define the market audience for each use to determine the level of unmet demand.
  • Created an integrated product 'demand' chart that shows the depth of demand for the full range of different product typologies/price points.
  • Quantified how much of each land use is market supportable over the next five years.
  • Provided input into implementation strategy for each land use and highlighted the challenges of attracting certain uses and tenants

The analysis by Landwise is currently being used to inform the master plan and concept design for the upcoming phase of development at Brooks.