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The Kraft Group


Economic Analysis



For the last several years, Landwise has worked with the Kraft Group to perform economic and fiscal impact analyses on existing and planned development at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The analysis helped to quantify the extent to which public infrastructure dollars used to support commuter rail service at the site may be offset by the positive fiscal and economic impacts of the development. The team used IMPLAN software to model the impacts at the county and state level. The first engagement with the client measured the impacts generated by development solely on Kraft Group owned land. During the second engagement, Landwise worked with the Town of Foxborough and the Kraft Group to determine the level and type of development that would potentially be catalyzed through the implementation of regular commuter rail service to Foxboro station, and to estimate the tax impacts from those developments.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) used Landwise’s analysis, among other studies, in their assessment of the viability of bringing regular commuter rail service to the Town of Foxborough.